• Ceramic Fiber Blankets

    Ceramic Fiber Blankets

    Ceramic Fiber blanket is a light weight needled blanket, provides effective solution to a wide range of thermal insulation applications. Manufactured using state of the art spinning and double needling technique, these blankets offer low thermal conductivity and superior insulation performance.

    Ceramic Fiber blanket is made from high purity alumina, silica and Zirconia. It is a highly efficient insulator with extremely low shrinkage characteristics. Ceramic Fiber blanket is unaffected by most chemical reactions (except hydrofluoric & phosphoric acids and concentrated alkalis). It is completely inorganic and hence no fumes during initial heating or later heat-ups. Incase of wetting by steam, water or other liquids, it retains its thermal and physical properties after drying. It is recommended for dry wrapping of structural steel and variety of other passive fire protection applications. It is available in various chemical compositions, density and thickness combinations.

  • Ceramic Fiber Blankets

    Max. usage Temp C 1260 Regular, 1425 High Temp.
    Thermal conductivity at mean temp. of 550 C 0.12
  • Standard Dimensions
    Thickness (mm) 10, 13, 19, 25, 38 & 50
    Density (Kg/m3) 64, 96, 128
  • Application

    • Turbine insulation
    • Expansion joints & tube seals
    • Ovens and stack linings
    • Boiler insulation
    • Fire retardant
    • High temperature duct, pipe insulation
    • Heat treatment furnaces, soaking pit cover sealing
    • Exhaust duct and Air pre-heater insulation