• Ceramic Fiber Modules

    Ceramic Fiber Modules

    In the layered construction (Blanket, Board and Moist pack) the anchors are exposed to hot face temperature and are the limiting factors for use of Ceramic fiber in high temperature applications. To overcome this limitation Ceramic Fiber Modules are used.

    Module anchoring systems can provide an option of backup blanket lining with hot face modular lining. A backup blanket lining serves as safety lining in all unlikely event of module failure. It also makes it convenient to provide vapour barrier for protection against attack of sulphurous gases on the furnace shell.

    Ceramic Fiber Modules are compressed Ceramic Fiber blankets folded with specially designed internal anchoring system which gives choice of attaching the module to the shell by welding, bolting or self-tapping screw method.

  • Ceramic Fiber Modules

    Type Anchored Veneer
    Max. Usage temperature C. 1260 1425
    Thermal Conductivity at mean temp. of 550 C 0.12 0.12
    Thickness (mm) 100, 150, 200, 250, 300
    Density (Kg/m3) 160, 192 128, 160
  • Application

    • High temperature linings for furnaces, heaters, kilns, reformers, soaking pit seals etc.
    • Hot face veneering over existing brick or monolithic refractory lining in heaters, kilns and furnaces.